How to Repair a Large Hole in Your Drywall

Maybe there was a natural disaster in your area. Perhaps a party got out of hand. The result is a massive hole in your drywall that you need to fix as soon as possible. Good news? Drywall is a lot easier to patch up than most other wall materials. Bad news? It is still going to take some work.

While patching smaller holes is relatively simpler, holes larger than eight inches across are more troublesome. When you have a large hole in your drywall, you are better off hiring contractors for professional drywall repair in Fairfax County, VA. Drywall contractors will not only ensure the patch is structurally sound but also blends into your existing wall well. However, if you want to try to repair the hole yourself, the basic process is as follows.

Prepare the opening by making the edges neat and clean. Next, install wood support blocking with drywall screws. Position the blocking, so there are equal overlaps on each end of the opening. With the support in place, you can install the raw drywall patch. Make sure the patch has the same thickness as the existing wall before taping down the joints of the patch. Finally, you can apply the wallboard joint compound. Once it is dry, sand down the patch, prime it, and paint it. Hire professionals like our crew for drywall repair in Fairfax County, VA. We patch holes of all sizes and make it look like nothing ever happened.