4 Tips on Exterior Painting

One of the easiest ways to provide a fresh new look to your home is by painting the exterior. With a day or two of work – depending on the size of the house and the weather – your home can be transformed with a new appearance.

Professional painters in Fairfax County, VA, like our team at Herndon Service, have the job down to a science thanks to a few simple tips. We want to present four of them here for your benefit.

Tip 1: Some homeowners encounter peeling paint when they tackle the job themselves. Prevent this by taking adequate preparation steps such as repairing damage to the surface, scraping away existing paint, sanding the edges, and cleaning the surface. Apply a good primer after the cleaning.

Tip 2: Paint your home when temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold. When it is too hot, the paint dries too quickly, leading to imperfections such as brush marks or bubbles. When it is too cold — and this includes at night when the paint is drying — will not allow the paint to dry correctly.

Tip 3: Paint the exterior of your home every five to ten years. That is pretty much the lifespan of most types of household paint.

Tip 4: To paint over vinyl siding, check the siding warranty to ensure it will not violate the conditions. Use a light-colored latex urethane paint that will stick to the vinyl and clean the siding first. Keep your home or business looking its best by choosing the superior work of professional painters in Fairfax County, VA. Herndon Service is ready to help!